Mystical Musings: A Collection of Poetry

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(Morgan the fairy)

This is the story, of Morgan Le Fey,

Blood of both fairy, and men some do say

Beware dancing lights, and fairy charms,

Some fairies help, and others may harm

The fairies and pixies, and forest sprites,

Love mortal men, and seduce them at night

If once you enter, the fairy folk’s ring,

Trapped you may be, by the fallen King

Through Camelot’s ruler, and Morgana Le Fey,

Wicked son killed, his father one day

Knights of Round Table, friend like a brother,

King’s broken heart, over wife’s secret lover

Lancelot Excalibur did take,

To be kept safe, by the Lady of the Lake

On enchanted isle, where fairy folk sing,

The body of Arthur, Morgana did bring

Morgana bore daughter, Morgan Le Fey,

On her death bed, her Mother did say

Never marry mortal, their lives but a day,

For long lived are fairies, like Morgan Le Fey


Hammer Flies, lover falls,

Son of Odin conquers all

Earthbound angel, Highborn two,

Dragon wakes, Bifrost through

Giants came from Jotunheim

Asgard’s armies and Elven kind

Banners waved and warriors fell

King he carried the Staff of Hell

By blood its power steady grows

The Web of Wyrd on spear it glows

Now we fight with unknown friend

Might of Mjolnir our lives may end

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