Mystical Musings: A Collection of Poetry

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Hidden sin comes to light

Asgard’s rulers join the fight

Smoke and quaking down in the deep

As there’s fighting in the golden keep

Heavenly healer returns from the Well

Beneath World Tree where Fates dwell

Trapped in garden with open gates

The son of Odin alone must wait

A great evil now stirs down in Hell

Where one time brothers and dragons fell


With but one eye Odin’s light shown no more

Upon his feet he must walk evermore

Without his wings he cannot fly

So magic horse he did find

Satan gloated upon his throne

For tricking his twin in Adam’s home

Through Mimir’s curse normal feet denied

His cloven hooves now pain his pride

To fallen lover the oil must take

From angelic sleep have none awaked

Until the thousand years be done

They dream of Heaven and the Son

Fearless in battle to Alfheim did go

Stepbrother’s love she would not know

If Sif’s love he could not share

Then none would have the Lady fair

Only Sif and Odin’s son

Were left alive when dragon come

Wife of Thor by staff was felled

Her only hope is Raphael

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