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Welcome to the mess that is my mind! In these short poem, things, you can see what my thoughts are like. A little get to know me sort of thing. Boi let me tell you, this is a mess. Most won't make sense, but honestly does anything make sense. I wrote a few of these years ago, but still thought I would share. I'm not in a depressing state at the moment but these poems kind of reflect on how hard it was for me. Please keep in mind that none of these have been edited. Here we go!!

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The light falls as the moon rises up above the rest of the world. It looks down on everything it falls upon. Consuming everything as it rises higher and higher. Taking away the hope and light that was ever given. To whom dared look upon this shining beast would for sure not be forgiven. Slowly taking the souls of others away, ever so slowly.... it swept through plains.

"Come closer" the moon cried out. Slowly creeping its way down the halls and into your mind. Taking down your walls and along with that, your will power..... Take it as a warning, stay away and stay locked inside. For one day it will take you over, and everyone else as well... Try as you might, but your power will never be enough to rid of this fiend. It takes all of your freedom away, bit by bit!

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