Dumb Thoughts

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How could you… Why would you… You left me! Why did you do it? Why! You said you wouldn’t do it! But you did it anyway… You left… You left me alone! Alone… I have no idea where I am… No place to call home… No one to call family… You left… I had no clue about your plans… You had no reason to go… But you still did… You left and a part of my will went along! You had no idea, nor did you even care about how I felt! Fine! Go! Go away for good! Leave me to die! You have no idea what I can do now! All alone. I’m finally free. Free from your lies! I’m free to do and go as I please! I bet you had no idea that I was a killer! Always hungry for blood! Now that I’m all alone I can die in peace. But how? How should I go about my own death? Should it be a knife? Rope? or a gun should do it! All you have done is cause me pain and suffering! I should just leave like you left me! I shall be no more! GOODBYE! I’ll die all alone like it should be! Die I say Die!

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