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It falls, it glows… It’s melting? It’s like water. What is it? Is it snow? I think it is! Well? What now? What does one do in the snow? Do they stay inside and sleep? Wow it’s cold... But were i everyone? The only thing she could see was a letter laying on the floor. It read,

It’s the first sighting of snow! Run! Lock your doors! Don’t let it inside! New comers, hide you don’t stand a chance! Fresh meat is what you are! Don’t let him see you! Whatever you do, don’t smile about the snow…

All I have been doing is smiling! She gazed up at the sun… What is that! It came closer and closer. she ran inside and hid in her kitchen cabinet and finished reading the letter,

His name is Krapus…

She shook in fear… It was silent…

Shattered glass hitting the floor broke my peace. He was in! He looked like a man mixed with bull hooves and horns. In one hand he held a whip and in the other was a sack with blood covering the top and bottom. He pulled the cabinet door open. He pulled her out and… he stole her joy… She never smiled… She was gone... Death is what was brought to her. She asked to die.

This one was more of a short story, but I still hope you enjoyed it!

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