Dumb Thoughts

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The Words You Hear

The words you say mean nothing.

“You’re fat, go lose some weight!” That girl is dying day by day. She hasn’t had a meal in a month!

“I bet your parents are disappointed by who you are!” HIs parents died a few weeks after he was born! He never even got to meet them!

“Thanks for hiding your ugly body in those sleeves!” SHe is ashamed of the scars that she has to bare! Everyday she gets home, she locks her door and adds a new scar!

Someone is standing in a room getting ready to finish the noose!

Someone is getting ready to pull the trigger!

And what do they have to say…

“Finish that noose!”

“Pull the trigger all they way!”


Now lets switch roles…

Your hurt by what I said. You live a pampered life, yet you have the nerve to be hurt!

The words you say mean nothing.

The words you hear, however, change your life forever.

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