Dumb Thoughts

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They tell me to stop crying out for attention, but they don’t understand!

This isn’t something I can just change, this isn’t my attitude!

They think I chose this way of life, but sadly it chose me.

No one chooses to have these problems, but they're there.

You can’t change that fact.

I doesn’t matter if you seek help by talking about.

Deep down all of those thoughts stay, and they will never go.

They will follow you to your grave!

Take it from someone who is going through this now!

It’s not easy going through life hating yourself and thinking that they do too.

Am I to say sorry for something I simply can’t control!


I’m sorry,

I’m sorry for crying out my pain,

I’m sorry for cutting my pain and hiding it,

I’m sorry for not giving you the light of day,

I’m sorry for everything I have done,

I’m sorry for everything I haven’t done!

But in the end…

I can’t change, what chose me.


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