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Wild Winds

Alone, scared, and... wild. We blow down trees, cars, and much more. We flow as one, we are one. That's why we are all alone... We freeze you, we make you cry. Blowing grass and dirt in your face, we hope you forgive us, but please understand that we don't have control over it.

We lose hope when you cry... It makes us feel sorry..... We never know what to do. Sometimes we knock you over. A rash and even a crash occurs when we blow out our rage. The rage is our feelings, we live in a world of pain and suffering.

We're all alone. No one is around... We all connect...... No on cares. We are born alone and we stay alone. We never have another. You don't care though, because you, a human, can and will have another.We winds are meant to stay alone forever. You don't understand the pain we feel everyday! We do not choose to feel this way! This way chooses us! Wild Winds never get to choose who they are or who they will be! It's sad, but we are forced to live this way...

We try to talk with you. Humans just don't understand.... they never will. Winds try and speak of warnings to you humans, but you just get mad at us for blowing in your face. Why won't you understand, all we want is to help give you humans tips to survive for a long time. All you do with this world is waste it. You humans kill its beauty, and waste all resources on it.We winds try hard to prevent conflict between other creatures of this land. Trying is what we do, and no one can stop us from it.

Wild Winds ride alone on a journey that takes us all over the world. We last almost forever, but just like anything on this planet we have an end. It's not so bad, we go slowly and quietly, but when we go a new and tiny Wild Wind comes out to play. We winds have a message for you humans, and my message to you was to stop pollution. This isn't a story about that though. Us winds want to humans and all other animals to live happy together.

Thank you for listening to what I have to say.

-Wild Winds-

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