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Hidden Demon

Can you think of a world full of pain and blood?

Hearing cries of help everyday you wake up?

To whom do you trust and who do you stab?

Living is hard is it not, but by how do we live?

Who should we save from the misery you cause?

Does anyone need saving, well to late, fun has begun.

What do we do with those who ask for mercy?

Well no one know one has ever…

As said no one has ever returned from hell…

To whom should ask for those never return…

No one shall dare to challenge the demons that rule…

For no one has tried to challenge thee who rule…

By whom he consumes and rid of the world.

Shall we work together?

Who knows…

WellI do..

I am the demon these people fear!

They don’t understand that I am no human!

For I am anything but…

So you see…

Fear Me!

Die under my claws of blood!


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