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The Cursed

By now you should know the risks that are taken… For one look upon thee is no more you see… But his howls of pain fill this home everyday since that man came about… Hear his warning! He is not one to mess around… For the day shall come for your eternal slumber… Unless he be stoped you shall die… The curse… This curse is no joke! You were chosen to die in place of his… Hear his howls of pain all around, getting louder and louder with every passing day… You must find and kill this man! Hurry! No time to play about! Find and kill him for he must live no more! He must leave! Leave forever! His death will lead to wealth. Die! Die! Burn him till nothing is left of him! He must suffer in hell! For he doesn’t know his own power! He must burn! Let his screams fill this room! He must be no more! Kill him and all he lived for must burn! This curse! The curse! Murderer! Killer! Die! Burn! Leave me be! I beg this man death! For the curse he brings is life to death!

The curse turns a holy soul into a satan soul… This curse will tear you apart… Everyday brings part of your life away… BUrn! Burn in hell you satan!

This mans’ lost soul must die and suffer in hell… Die… Die!

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