Dumb Thoughts

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That shade of red. That bright light. The crisp sound… This warm feeling… What am I? The pain I cause. I can take you out, but not free… With pain! You beg for forgiveness! But do I follow you words? Oh please! Keep begging and I'll keep killing! All I ask is that you keep screaming! Keep up my pay! For your pay is death! Scream for help all you want! No one will come for they all fear me! They too cry for help… But no one ever survives my sparky flames! Cry! Cry! Louder! Louder! Louder! Till you no longer can speak! For you suffering is my joy. It brings me life. Tht said… I live for ever! Even beyond life itself! Cry till you die… Murder you yell… Murder! Thinking that I will stop! Think again! No one has ever survived me… Burn! Die!

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