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The Bubble

How could this be! Why are you dead? For you are immortal such as me? Why? Why did it have to be you? WHY! How could I not of noticed? How did it slip through my watchful eye? Why did it have to be you? How did this thing do it? How? Without a sound? This thing! THis thing must die! Kill it before it kills me! Do something to stop that beast! What? A bubble, no way… How could this be? Oh, why did it do this?

Well this Mother#$%^*$ how could he do this to her? His own daughter! Why would he even dare? Did he really dare to kill his own flesh and blood? Is this what he meant? How could he? This girl… the girl should of lived long… Is it possible? Could it be? No… No! He can’t! He’s… He’s going to summon the queen! She’ll kill us all! This must all stop!


Do not worry for they are safe now… They are with me… You’re next to die...

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