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Basically I’ve found good writing prompts and I’m making a book while writing them. Some and probably most will be 2 chapters long, depending on how much I like a prompt, anyway idk when I’ll actually start writing but I will

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There’s a statue in the middle of your town, and rumour has it that when true love touches it, it will come alive. The statue is a man, and you a girl have have been forced by your best friend to take a selfie with it.

Your barely catch the person that falls into your arms, as soon as you touch the statue.

“Olivia! We should try taking a selfie with the statue!” Rebecca, my best friend shouted to me.

“I’ve already told you too many times that I am ninety percent sure that it won’t be me though.” I yelled back at her.

“Yeah I know but there’s still a ten percent chance that it’s you so get over your lazy ass!” She exclaimed walking over to me. Rolling my eyes, and knowing that she would literally drag me to the statue, we started walking there.

The statue wasn’t a big walk, it was only about a twenty minute walk. So as we set of I could practically hear Rebecca bouncing. She was clearly excited, but I didn’t know why. No one knew who it was, and she had tried before. She was crying for a week after finding out that she wasn’t made for the guy in the statue. I hummed a tune to my favourite song as I walked past strangers who all had a sad face, clearly finding out they weren’t made for the statue.

The statue looked like a handsome guy. The statue was one colour so you couldn’t tell what colour eyes he had, not with hair, skin tone or if he had freckles. From what everyone could see, he had typical boy hair, and features. His hair was shaved on the sides then combed over towards the left.

Before I knew it, me and Beck had arrived at the statue, and beck had pushed me towards the statue. I got out my phone, ready to take a cute selfie with it, knowing that it wouldn’t be me. I saw Beck take out her phone and not-so-subtly recorded my attempt to take a selfie. I tripped on my way over, and accidentally fell onto the statue, and as quick as a click of fingers, a guy, who looked exactly like the statue was standing infront of me, tumbling into my arms. Out of instinct I wrapped my arms around him, trying to steady him, him doing the same. I heard people cheering around us, as he stood in shock, I looked down, my face flaming with heat. A grin appeared on both of our faces, and people started circling around us, making me feel claustrophobic, as cheesy as it is. I felt myself panicking and I looked straight up, seeking comfort in anything I could find.

As soon as I looked up a face of concern met my eyes. The statues face contorted into worry, as soon as he looked at me, I felt a little bit of my worry melt away. Beck pushed through the crowd, waking me and my soul mate- which is incredibly weird to say, let me tell you that- out of the park. by the time we had walked to a park, I couldn’t help but giggle. Beck went over to the swings so that me and my soul mate- it gets more exciting every time I say it- could introduce ourselves. Me, being the socially awkward person I am, had absolutely no idea what to say. So before I could think, my dumbass said the first thing that came to mind.

“I guess we’re soul mates.” I mentally facepalmed as soon as it flew out of my mouth. A small laugh, that made my insides melt, escaped from his lips.

“I guess so,” he replied with a small smile gracing his lips. Nothing in the air was tense or awkward as we took in what each other looked like.

He had sandy brown hair, and a dark green colour for his eyes. His lips were full, and a soft pink colour, and his cheeks were tinted slightly red from the Australian heat. He was a couple inches taller than me, and he looked strong, but kind of thin at the same time.

Either way, he looked perfect.

I was in love with him as soon as I set eyes on him if I’m being honest.

But him looking as perfect as he did made me feel self conscious.

He gazed into my blue eyes as if his life depended on it, and his hand went up to my long, dead straight, light brown hair. My hair is constantly soft, and I don’t know why. It was the weirdest thing! None the less, I was always grateful for it.

“I’m Aiden.” He said softly, cheesily tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I coughed awkwardly, but still managed to answer.

“I’m Olivia.” A smile played on both our faces when I finished, both of us enjoying the company of each other.

Later that day

We were waking home, and Beck had already left, giving us loads more time together. In the matter of an hour I felt like I had known him for ages.

As we came to a cross over, he slipped his hand into mine. I raised an eyebrow at him, and he laughed and gave me an answer.

“It’s so that your safe! I don’t want you to die before I even kiss you!” He exclaimed as we crossed. The thought of him kissing me made me giggle, and he didn’t let go of my hand when we finished crossing , which I was grateful for.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what kissing him would be like. But as if he could sense my thoughts, he turned me to face him his arms circling around my waist, and pulling our bodies close, he whispered out a sentence that could make even the coldest of hearts melt.

“I love you.” And before I could respond his lips pressed onto line, and out of pure instinct I raised my hands to his neck, one lowering down to his shoulder, the other playing with the back of his hair. His younger grazed my bottom lip, as if asking for entrance the the rest of my mouth- it’s weird to say it it’s the truth. Our youngest danced in sync, and it felt like heaven. I couldn’t help but smile during the kiss. We broke apart for a second before returning to our prior position.

When we broke apart for the second time, our foreheads rested against each other’s, before we realised we weren’t home yet. People were moving around them, thankfully not paying any attention to the couple kissing.

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