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Abstract Thought Poetry on the concept of time and being forgotten. A hurdle that we cross yet never remember. Less we wish to.

Benjamin Rosen
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Yesterday is over. Today is now. Tomorrow is away. We hold no precedence over this concept of time. For the events that transpire are fleeting, yet are held together in reverence. Much like the wind that howls in the night, only for it to caress us with warm gusts in the morn. Or the violent volcano that spews hell burning remnants from its mouth. For it to cool years later, layered in snow and ice. Forgotten. The things that occurred both grand and small were simply that, occurred. No matter the imprint you leave it will be forgotten in some magnitude replaced by what it is now. Yet we do not mourn or fall to despair. Things that were, become things that are. It is the actions that cause to become what they are, nothing more or less. Even being forgotten or replaced. Priorities and expectations for what they should or are to be is no exception. There will be sadness and happiness that comes from this. But as an abstract member of time this what we do to press on. Press on and hope and cling and cry and laugh and bite and kiss and live and die and be forgotten and be remembered. These are the things we atone for, accepting the consequences from thereafter. For yesterday can never be truly over. Today is forever now. And tomorrow is reachable. Less we be forever forgotten.

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