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The Though Pool Of A Gemini

The thought pool of a Gemini

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be split into two

Your personality is like two opposite sides of a single coin

Its as though you are two people at the same time

Each extremity fighting for its rightfully deserved dominance

Happy, sad, those cannot even come close to the emotional spectrum you experience

You’re either blissful or enraged, in ecstasy or anguish

The dark and the light, they share no common ground

There is never ever a greyspace

Never ever a place for neutrality

Depression resurfaces as soon as joy ends

It feels like your brain is being torn into two pieces on a constant basis

The piece that wants to fight

The piece that wants to love.

Even thinking is a game of warfare.

When “do I do this or this?” becomes

“ready, aim, fire” and no, no man’s land

Could ever exist

This, ladies and gentlemen is simply the confusing mind of

A Gemini

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