Dueling Shadows

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A deep reflection of love lost and love gained. The collection of poems in this book is of personal experience, feelings, and issues. These words resonate with my soul and these dark events have driven me to write the best pieces.

Poetry / Thriller
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Like maggots that infest a carcass, like the stench of death, oozes in the air, a vulture appears to feast on my demise

Tearing into my rotting flesh with its sharp, razor teeth, destroying the once plump body, full of life and love
Its claws rip out each and every vein severing each sinew from my bones
I'm awake throughout it all, watching it peck at me, devouring chunks of my life
The ground is stained red with my blood but so is its face and claws
My life essence flows like a river only to be swallowed up by the earth
I'm awake, I feel every bit of pain it inflicts, unable to move, unable to scream
My vocal cord gauged out over the years by its lack of love
I'm awake, I see it, I see the hate and resentment in its eyes as I lay dying on the ground, my face tear-stained, tears that were shed for its love
A love I never felt
I reach out to restrain its claw from plucking out my heart but I fail miserably, my breaths are labored, my eyes hollow
It has my heart in its claws, what is it going to do with it?
Will it crush it in its powerful grasp or will it plant it into the ground, birthing life from my death?
I draw my final breath gazing upon its smile, wondering how a mother could reduce her daughter to nothing but blood and bones
I forgive you.

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