Little Bit Of Love And Heartbreak

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"What can I pay to make you look at me like the way I do?" Have you ever wondered it? Every love always come with a hint of heartbreak. Love's pain has a touch of bitter sweet melancholy in it and a lot of poetry. And still, you would have rather loved someone else than never be in love. Even through all the painful reminders and ripping memories, I would have rather loved, too.

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Moving On

Moving On

I slip and fall this time hard

knowing deep down it's only bad
For the already broken edges
I carry along with me

I'm sorry, but really
You make me feel sick, too
And I'll probably be get going
Away from your shackles, now

I'm moving on from you
A little bit at a time
It is hard, but I have
Mastered the art of strength

I have stopped crying for you
Doesn't mean my heart still don't hurt
You still makes my heart flip a beat
Not anymore, I won't give a damn to that

This game's long played and done
You're the one who has the rules
And only one who can win again

And I am so very tired
Of betting my heart against yours
And getting it broken, in
A time tried ritual

One more hand, you said and
I give in, even knowing the
probable outcome, my loss
And I am sick of myself, too

Oh, darling, I'm not going
To bug you anymore,
Not at all going to beg anymore
I am tired of either, now

I will say my goodbye, now
Kiss you one last time and our
Kiss will probably taste like
Salt of my long dried tears

I'm not running away from you
Not being a coward as you think
I'll just be in a place where
Your lies can never hurt me again

Where my heart will forever be safe
From your chokehold
You call it love and I am calling it

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