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short and not perfect but words coming from the heart Enjoy

Poetry / Romance
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How beautiful to have someone when you think of him,

you smile

how beautiful to have all these feelings in one small heart.

Yes.. I have changed a lot since I met you, now I am standing beside you with more light. I bet that my light came from your words..

Yes, I don’t want to fake my words too. I’ll be honest with you.

I want you to fall too my true self, the real me.

Yes, if there is a chance I want to stay with you all my life if our feeling is the same I want to be by your side.

How beautiful to have someone you really love, Lots of things has happened in my life that makes me happy but I think meeting you was the best thing ever.

Yes, I want to ask you about your feeling but I won’t do that because I want you to say it when it’s the right time.

Hey girls if you want to sing a love song what’s the best word you add to your song?

for me, I will say that your smile makes my frozen heart melt ✿ yes.

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