The Best Dream, Worst Nightmare

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This is when you have a dream you believe to be real life until you wake up and say, "It was just a dream." When everything in your dream seems so real and it seems too good to be true. For this young girl, it was.

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The Best Dream, Worst Nightmare

It was just a dream. A dream you wish to be true, and you convince yourself it might be true. It's just a dream though. It didn't happen. Your mind convinces yourself that it's actually happening as you dream. It's the best dream, but also the worst dream. It's not real, but you thought it was...
We had Journalism together; you know, the boy you have a huge crush on. We didn't sit at the same table or across from each other, and he was out of view from me, but for some reason the whole class was standing against the walls. Our teacher cleared her voice and said, "We're playing hide-and-seek." Hide-and-seek? We're high schoolers.... oh well. Our classmates scattered and I hurried over to a spot that was fairly hidden. We were friends, so he looked over at me, and then sat next to me.
Our teacher turned off the lights and I am terrified of the dark. He looked at me to reassure me and you know that my cheeks were turning red. We're in the dark though, he can't see it right? Even if he can, he knows I like him so it wouldn't matter. I guess he saw, or I guess he knew and said something that took me off guard. "Hey, by the way, I like you." He likes me? Like, like likes me? Woah, I'm speechless.
"Ready or not, here I come!" announces our teacher. I just stared into his eyes that were barely visible in the dark. Just like a movie, he reaches his hand out and cups my cheek. I manage to keep a straight face and he just stares at where his hand is placed. Okay, now this is a little weird. What's he doing? He's sitting with his knees up and placed his hand that was on my face on his left knee. He's to the right of me but slightly in front of me. For some odd reason, I rest my head on his hand which is on his knee, and I just look at the classroom not worrying about anything else.
Oh right, we're playing hide and seek. I can hear her footsteps, I better get into a position that will hide me better. I pick up my head from his knee and back myself into the corner. It doesn't matter if I get caught. I'm glad I didn't care, because she caught us, mid thought of that.
Like a movie again, it jump cuts to another class. Although, we don't have this class together. It's History. We have different periods, but it's a Friday, so he had his class right before mine. Oh, looks like he's staying behind to finish some work. Haha, I already finished mine so it's a free day for me. Our teacher steps out of the room for a moment, and I go over and help him with his work. He was cutting out pictures of animals from a magazine.
Once again, like a movie, you could only hear the main characters and some chatter in the background. It seemed as if no one else could hear us, and we could only hear the mumbles of others. We were just talking. Don't know what it was about, probably work or the animals we were cutting out. He stayed for about the whole class, as our teacher called his next teacher and excused him. The bell had about seven minutes left and we had finished his work. I was throwing away the scraps of paper on the table and he started to pack up.
We talk for the next few minutes, then when the bell rings, we get up and walk towards the door. He tells me that he'll see me Monday, and I nodded. In a playful voice I say, "Oh, and about Journalism, dont ever touch my face again." He laughs with me and says in reply, "Haha, you know you loved it, because I did." as he's walking out the door. He's right, I did love it.
But that's where it ends. It's not much, but for a dream that you wish would come true, it's just torture. Why did my brain torture me? It played a movie that doesn't pause when you hit the button. All that wonderfulness that seems like nothing to others, was just fake. It was the best dream, but the worst nightmare.
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