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Many of the poems and letters are from My Past and Present...There will all types and styles within the cover of the book...there will also be some poems, letters, and sayings that my brother Michael Schurch has written during his lifetime...( passed away June 19, 2019)...The reason I've decided to write the book is to honor my brother Mike and other families that have passed in the last few well as my husband Eddie and his family...My heart weighed heavy as I tried to come up with words that described them to the best of my ability...I may use some words or sayings that I do not have the rights too. But use them only in remembrance of then and nothing else...I have problems once in a while coming up with certain words of my own...I only use these to help describe my thoughts and nothing more..I mean No Harm or Dishrespect in there use...I've only used them to help bring my thoughts and feelings I had at the time of the use...The beginning of Book is in Memory of my brother Mike, rest are my own stories & poems, letters & more I just recently wrote. I do hope you like them anything else I've used as a part of remembrance to or for my brother will receive all their recognition of the contribution I've shared in the book herein... Written By: Cindy L. Rasey Sept. 30, 2019

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The Midnight Mist

I woke up in the midnight mist and reach for my husband just to see if he was beside me.

Our bed was cold, empty and lonely, I grab his pillow laying near that he once rested his head upon the last night he'd slept beside me, cried endlessly, realizing we buried him just yesterday. My heart left empty, aching deep within my soul in the Midnight Mist.

All though I knew he's free of pain and agony, he'd endured many years before, he's suffered for the Love he had for family and friends, just to be near, when in need.

No mattered how he felt, he'd always came to their aid if in need...

But the void I feel still lingers sharp and deep in the Midnight Mist, hard to bere at times.

I shall always love him in the midnight mist.

He was my pillar of strength, love and best friend, always thinking of others before himself.

A man of few words, but his action mighter then words in the midnight mist.

He was never a man to give up a good fight, he fought hard and long till his last breath...April 11, 2016.

It's hard to say good-bye to someone you've spent many years within the midnight mist of life's highway and byways, good or bad it didn't matter then, his love was true and pure...

I keep reminding myself, he's in a much better place, free from pain and agony he once endured...

I Love You Eddie and miss you deeply in the midnight mist...buried April 15, 2016...

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Oct. 22, 2019, Final Draft.

First written: April 16, 2016...Day After his burial.

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