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A collection of poetry for the tired, anxious and depressed readers of the world. Motivation does not come easy, it's something I know too well. The words written here are not meant as a critic, a judgment or a reading of who you are, but a beacon of hope for who you can and could be. If you're tired of beating yourself down, if you're tired of hurting others around you through self harm and self hate, then this collection is for you, as a message that you can do more with your life. Take action and find meaning, life's just waiting for you to get started.

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Aren’t you sick

of feeling sorry for yourself

of relying on someone else

to tell you if you’re happy

or not

Aren’t you sick

of bringing down others

by simply being in the room

keeping your face twisted into a bunch

of knots

Aren’t you sick

of staying home wishing

you could be someone else

and telling yourself life is filled

with have-not’s

Aren’t you sick

of playing victim to your feelings

of acting prisoner to your thoughts

your mind your actions

or not

When will you wake up

and realize that it’s not as bad

as it could be

you’re much more sad

than you should be

can’t you be glad

of where you would be

if you stopped



for yourself

So stand up

and stop whining

stop crying

stop writhing

You have the potential to accomplish so much more

than your are doing right now

you have the ability to take the world by storm

if you break past the barriers you have built

the limits you have dreamed

the lines you have drawn

Dawn has come.

So wake up

and stop feeling sorry for yourself

or before long you will no longer be given

the choice to rise

from that





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