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Finding a way to set my demons Free.

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A Dream

Last Night i saw you in my Dream

Now i don't wanna look at the sky

Sky that won't bring you to me

Now i don't wanna breathe the air

Air that won't contain your Essence

Now i don't wanna be Happy

Happiness that won't bring me any Joy

Now i don't wanna look into Someone's Eyes

Eyes that will only bring the Agony

Now i don't wanna look at the Pretty Faces Laughing

Laugh that will only bring Tears in my Eyes

Now I don't wanna be in a Reality

Reality that is too cruel to exist

Now I don't want to wake up Every Morning

With this pain in my Chest

& an Empty Heart

Now i don't wanna be in a Dream

Dream where you won't be there anymore

looking so Beautiful and Breathtaking

I don't wanna be in a Dream

Dream, that won't bring you to me

I don't wanna be in a Dream

where I can't meet you anymore,

where i can't see you,

where i can't touch you, or feel you

A dream where I'm always in a state of Insecurity

Insecurity that you might be gone, before i blink my Eyes

Just like you did Last Night

You were so Close to Touch

yet the other second i couldn't even Find the Remnants of You

Every night i see a Dream


A Dream without You

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