Naked Like Shadows [PUBLISHED]

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OUT NOW ON AMAZON WORLDWIDE FOR PURCHASE!!! ❥ "Write with your heart worn on the tip of your pen." ❥ A collection of poems, prose and quotes written by me.

Poetry / Drama
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Thank you so much for checking out my first poetry collection! The book on Inkitt is just a sample of the complete work.

On that note, I am very happy and excited to let you know NLS is available worldwide on AMAZON in paperback and eBook format. The book is 225 pages long and features a short story at the end too. ⸺ it was published on 30.10.2022

"The debut collection of poems and prose by Sissi O. Simons, Naked Like Shadows, focuses on love, loss, sadness, loneliness, pain and self-worth themes. It’s a journey about life, finding yourself again, and the whirlwind of emotions one can go through. It is filled with raw feelings and thoughts that pull the reader’s heartstrings after every page.

The book’s final chapter features a personal inscription written as a short story dedicated to all who wish to be able to talk to a younger version of themselves but never had a chance to put thoughts into words."

limited edition available for a short period of time until 30.11.2022

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