Poems from a psycho beauty

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A book of poems based on the heart , mind and soul of a 21 year old

Poetry / Mystery
Jade Rodriguez
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My hell

slip into my unknown. It’s a dark place that I roam. An emptiness that I know. A black hole that replaces everything that I love. My world revolves around this emptiness. I yearn for nothing. I see no light. I hear nothing. There’s no right way no wrong way. It’s all empty. This emptiness is home. All there is is me but who am I. I’m not here on a mission I’m not here to lead lost souls. What is my purpose. I’m left trapped in here.i hold on to the leaves that fall to what is left to my sanity. I have no reason for all the things I do. There’s no reason for it I want to cause chaos and damage I want to break free. I need positivity in my heart. There’s no good in me. There’s no redemption god won’t forgive me. What should I do. I Reaped what I sowed.There’s nothing left.

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