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MOXY: A Collection of Poetry

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The second collection in my never-ending stream of poetry. With wine in my belly and feet sore from labor, I will write till my fingers grow arthritic and... I can't think of a word that rhymes with labor.

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Chapter One


She called before

my tea had settled

and told me how

lucky I was.

They wanted to

republish my

bastard child.

A horrific mess

born out of

sympathy and passion

for a drunk with

a decent ass.

Sure, I said

over and over.

Just hang up and

I’ll let you sell

me the world,

I thought.

She made an


to call me

next week to

finalize the


I was so


I wonder how

shocked she’ll

be when she

figures out I

blocked her



As I stand here

in line at the DMV

I contain a strong

urge to jump

ass-first into a

ball pit.

I think I’ll buy an

inflatable pool

and some plastic

multicolored balls

on my way home.

The pit will go right

in the living room,

between the modestly

sized television and

the baby blue couch.

I think my wife will

get a kick out of it

and jump in right

on after me.

And we’ll roll around

for a few hours like

the children we know

we are.


They said I was a child,

yet they couldn’t

understand why she

loved me.

They drank protein

shakes and lifted

weights to distract

from the fact that no

women would let them

put their penis into

their mouth.

They believed the bulk

and the beef would

earn them love and


They smoked and

drank and called

themselves adults.

I made faces at clouds

and played with my

action figures and she

loved me for it.

I found love and

never had to diet

or hit a gym to

find it.


The grape is my

God and one day

it will kill me.

Upon my tongue

it sings and calls

me great.

It takes me alone,

having it’s way

with me and when

it’s over I sigh and

admit I enjoyed it.

The grape is my

Lord, my heart

and my blood.

He’ll end my life

one day, but I love

him all the same.


He licks his nose

and knows you

love him.

It may be nature or

necessity, but the

second you fed him

he became your

undying worshiper.

And if you die before

him he will cry harder

for you than any

person you’ve ever

known would.

Remember That Time?

And in the back of the

diner where Betty hides

her bottles there’s a

pad with a list of names

I’d rather not remember

due to a serious set of

troubling occurrences

that took place in June

of the previous year which

involved a monkey, a

flashlight, a pool cue,

and a jar of tar which

left many a man involved

in the affair without a

shred of dignity or any

clue as to what they were

going to do next.

Nature & Wildlife

I am a force

of nature.

I come from the earth,

chop the tree, make the

fire, cook my neighbor,

and eat him to live.

Maybe I


like it.

At what stage does

nature stop and

wild life begin?

The Castration Proclamation

Oh, hide me from

the light before they

break my toys and

brand my ass with

that name tag.

Oh, hide me quick

before they rip off

my favorite band

shirt and dress me

up in shrill fibers.

Oh, hide me for they

might steal my voice

and give me a throat

box that only replies

in yes or no’s.

Oh, hide with me

for I fear they’ll do

the same to you.

9 to 5

My ideal job consists

of working four hours

a day, four days a week.

The hours would be

from nine to one and

I’d spend it taking fake

bathroom breaks and

talking to coworkers I


Lunch would be fifteen

minutes and I’d get paid

twenty-five bucks an hour

to give up my life for the


In the end I’d

retire and live

off my savings.

I’d find me a mountain

somewhere, sit high on

a cliff and maybe throw

myself off of it one day.

Maybe I’d go down

with a note blaming

the company.

After all, I currently

loathe my hours, my

pay, and my job.

Nine For Nine

And so we jump

back to the grind.

I sit in B&N and doze off,

wondering where the world

went as some machine

behind the bookshelf wall

keeps me from dozing off



the sanity?

Even with my

headphones in,

the music is

muffled like a

whisper trying


not to be heard.

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