Frederick and Geraldine

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Chapter 14 – The Secret Room

(Cruz and Pedra were talking in the bedroom. Cruz had started to recover and his wound began to heal.)

(Pedra said,)

'' Pedro uses the morality to achieve his immoral,

Hidden goals, but you provoke the people to become

Immoral, considering them to be hypocrites; '' ''don't quarrel!

Criticism is something you cannot avoid; they're just scum.

(Cruz continued,)

You're the one who breaks any spiritual barrier

To overcome some secret limitations; you like

This concept of master-slave morality; you're a harrier.

I'm an old man, and I don't like that, sometimes, you're ready to strike.

(Cruz continued,)

Carla is your antipode; '' ''Do I spy? Did you question Ivan

About passing such a barrier between two powerful

Countries to do business? '' ''Their run just means survivin'.

I admit that I'm very curious; '' ''You think it's wonderful! ''

(Cruz said while smiling,)

''I want to change everything around and do not know how.''

''If you were not so morose and introverted, maybe

You would succeed; '' ''I'm not an orator, but I'm still alive now.

I speak too briefly and concisely, but I love you, baby.''

(Pedra replied,)

'' You're a very good observer and you think objectively.''

''I consider that you've found my way of being in the world

And this is why our marriage works so well; you're effectively

My friend; our life didn't fall apart when the lies were hurled.''

(Pedra said,)

''We have an organized family, and even when

We are not together, we are a team; '' '' I understand

That you have learned from the power of Aphra Behn's pen,

But, when you are with me, your ideas lose command.''

(Pedra replied,)

'' Maya appreciates my knowledge about botany

And history; '' '' She's a lonely woman, an unlucky one.

Between some passengers, she created a dichotomy.''

''Did you ask her some odd questions as you had done with Ivan? ''

(Cruz replied,)

''Maya is a war survivor and she learns to overcome

The poverty; '' ''she's an introvert but friendly and humane.

Although old, she works well and fast while needing to become

A talented cook; she's healthy for her age; doesn't live in vain.''

(Cruz said,)

''She needs to manage her anxiety by trying to control

Her reality; she views this ability as a matter

Of survival; '' '' she appeals to the evil powers for her goal.

To make this force be an energy field she uses the water.

(Pedra continued,)

She's a widow and her brother, Naimah, is rather clumsy.

He's not strong enough to overcome the difficulties in life.''

''How to keep fear under control she likes to study

And she's a kind of quack using plants to cure this inner strife.''

(Pedra replied,)

''She had fled war and chose the water as the primordial

Element instead of accepting the fire; then, those forces

Followed her to set this ship on fire 'cause that danger was mortal.

She thinks that these elements feed on her chakras sources.''

(Cruz replied,)

''The water quenches the fire, and when the water is dangerous,

There is no escape; '' ''Carla told me that Maya talked to her dead.

She's afraid of exorcisms; '' ''she cannot endanger us.''

''To bring Maya to Allah, Geraldine has a wise head.''

(Cruz replied,)

'' Geraldine has been pregnant while needing help; she seems to be

A fighter, but in reality, she's peaceful, frail and helpless.

You are a totally different person; '' ''no loss is known in me.

To help Surak after abandoning her kids was useless.''

(Cruz replied,)

'' Maybe her children are strong, but her nephew needs help.''

'' Maybe she needs purity to get her protective energy

While entering the unknown; '' ''stop turning my brain to kelp!

It's intuition. If I wasn't in that gun-room, we would die.''

(Cruz began to tell her about the person who had saved him from death.)

(Pedra said,)

You've found strength in the face of death; it would be better

If you gave up playing cards and smoking pipe that could affect

Your health; '' ''I’ve learned from my friends; I need them to get upsetter!

The leverage of our vast economic power I can't neglect.''

(Pedra replied,)

''Is it about those secret goals, which drive some unethical

Billing practices? '' Cruz began to kiss her while laughing,

'' I'm not capable of doing this; by the way, you're sensual.''

If you were that kind of man, I would not marry you, darling.''

(Cruz embraced her tightly saying, ''I've never betrayed you. I love you too much. Don't be jealous.'')

(He continued,)

‘‘ I like the fact that after making love, you become silent

While reading; '' '' I enjoy this; when I'm around people, I suffer

The problem of not being heard; then, reading becomes a talent.

I need to curl up next to you and read this book 'til it's over.

(Pedra continued,)

I love you; you were lucky that the bullet penetrated

The left shoulder and not an important part of your body.''

'' I passed out and woke up in pains; I felt I was terminated.

The stranger fell over me and covered me with blood; some bloody

(Cruz continued,)

Guys took the guns and left the room; Ibrahim crept up to me

Washed my wound and bandaged it; he gave me some cold teas to drink.

He told me that Maya had taught him to make tea; let this be

A divination unto death, in which I could sink.

(Cruz continued,)

After Marco's death, at night, I dragged myself to a secret room.

Ibrahim took care not to leave any trace of our presence.

After making the effort, I fainted again; a feeling of doom

Persisted inside me; I wanted to protect my essence.

(Pedra replied,)

''I've heard that, on the ship, the people were caught and tied.''

''Ibrahim escaped; the secret room was next to the food store.

It was situated under the stairs as a perfect hideout.

I entered there while using a movable wall; '' ''It had no door! ''

(Cruz continued,)

''This room and the food pantry had two ventilation pipes,

Which were united inside and open outside to create

The mirage that only the pantry was aired; usually, the ships

Don't have their secret rooms; '' ''Well, this subject is a worth debate.

(Pedra continued,)

This room was very intelligently built; when they entered

In a hurry to take the weapons, they didn't see these details.

You're lucky to be alive; '' '' on this subject my mind is centered.''

''About sailing and ships, you haven't read enough secret tales.''

(The third night, the sailors were talking in their bedroom. Brisbon told Sam,)

''You combine the religious practice of meditation

With the verse; '' ''The Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome; '' '' not all

Conflicts are quarrels; '' '' this idea requires some confrontation.''

Fargo said, ''Sam, do you compose poetry? '' '' My muse is small.''

(Answered Sam. Brisbon asked him,)

''Those songs are created by you? '' Sam answered, '' some of them are

Composed by me; Slim likes music; he's a man of strength.''

'' I'm only a listener of your songs beneath the polar star.''

Brisbon tried to divert this discussion by talking at length

About the command of that carrack; ''Slim, you helped me a lot.''

''Geraldine oversaw the crew's work when I was at the helm, ''

Said Slim; '' Freddy was near me and confidence was all I've got, ''

Replied Sam; ''when in the unknown the carrack sought to whelm,

(Brisbon continued,)

Sam paid attention to the sea at the helm while being

Dedicated and loyal; '' Sam said, '' Freddy is honest,

Enterprising, dynamic and thrifty; his way of seeing

Means stimulation; '' ''Do you remember when he promised

(Slim continued,)

To hire us to work on his galley, someday? He gave us

The freedom to work as true sailors; life on other ships

Was much more difficult; '' Fargo said, '' he refused my offer; thus,

I hire my own crew; '' Gian laughed, '' It's better to take fishing trips.''

(Brisbon said,)

''The governor gave our Frederick a new carrack, a small

Property and money to help him recover his damages.

His wife is a distant cousin of Geraldine; above all,

They don't have children; '' Fargo narrowed down his challenges.

(Aldo told Fargo,)

'' If I had money to buy a ship, I would not work for others,''

Fargo replied, '' Firstly, I had to learn to work as a sailor

And to live my life on board; all of you are like my brothers.''

'' To be at a helm is different; aren't you terrified of failure? ’’

(…Sam asked Fargo.)

(Fargo was sad. He said,)

''I was a helmsman some time ago; '' Gian asked him, ''what happened? ''

''It's a long story; I'm an honest man; Geraldine trusts me

With her confidences; I had saved the women who had trusted

Me, except Bella who died before I could save her; she

(Fargo continued,)

Died in the peace of the Lord; '' Hector said, ''God's will for us is good.''

Abseil said, '' Maybe I wouldn't have been able to use my hands

Without your help; you're a good man, but you're little understood.''

''When I wasn't able to do the good things, I've made some good plans.''

(Ismail said,)

''We can do small things with great love; you hated the pirates.

Sometimes, being too passionate can be a bad thing; the lack

Of control is filled with passion; I see rightly in your iris.''

''When I was on the shore, I saw a ship and my hope came back.

(Fargo continued,)

I had to swim and ask for help; I've found three drunken men,

Who were sleeping on the deck; I've entered the captain's cabin

And I've found some documents demonstrating that they robbed ten

Ship passengers; I've heard about robbing on the galleon.’’

(John said,)

'' And how did you deduce that the ship belonged to the pirates? ''

Fargo answered, '' I've found the papers and the treasure

That belong to me; '' Brisbon said, ''Show me these documents! ''

'' A letter is sent to Fargo Escalante, Cantabria, for sure,

(Fargo continued,)

By Francisco Cerda along with some jewelry and money-

A payment for a service; I had waited for it to solve

My financial problems; then, I took a job; '' ''It's mighty funny, ''

Said John; '' My fortune is in my house because I fight to evolve.''

(Suaram asked Fargo,)

Why did you get a job to work on a carrack while knowing

To survive on a galley so well? '' '' As a sailor on

A carrack, I could do difficult navigation during

The storms; '' ''Freddy used to tell me sailing stories at the dawn, ''

(..said Sam, Brisbon replied,)

''He trusted me while sending me in the ports to hire the sailors.

Then, I've controlled the work of the crew on the ship; '' Slim replied,

''He needs all our help; '' Gian said, '' while sailing, we will be failures

If we don't communicate each other; it is not in pride

(Gian continued,)

To learn how to correct the mistakes; when the ship is broken,

We sink; '' John said, '' we were hired to do many jobs because

Freddy didn't have enough money; '' ''when the fire was smokin',

He lost everything; the fatigue struck us with its claws, ''

(Replied Sam. Suaram said,)

''We have been too exhausted to fight for life; we could all die.''

''Gino, Nico, and Dino died; I could become invalid, ''

Said Abseil; Sam replied, '' you're saved, 'cause God is above the sky! ''

''Who pays us when we can't work? '' Asked Gian; his frowning face was pallid.

(Cosma replied,)

'' When you don't work, you're starving to death; '' Ismail said,

''Fargo had been persevering until he found a safe place.

He's a fighter and an example to us all; he's our head.''

''He should check the kitchen equipment; for me, he's in disgrace, ''

(Said John; Fargo fell asleep and couldn't hear them. Hector said,)

''He rescued the women while asking God for forgiveness.

He used too many details while describing his adventures

And achievements; he has the sleeping pirate as a witness,

When he says that the documents belong to him; '' '' these letters

(Said Gian and continued,)

Could belong to any person called Fargo; '' '' they used

The stranger's dogs to find him; I think it's about money, ''

Said Slim, '' He brought two galleons and soldiers; I'm confused.

He's a powerful man having some secrets; '' ''Don't be funny!

(Replied John, but he became meditative and continued,)

The women love Fargo; '' ''he should inform the authorities

About the documents, '' said Gian; Sam replied, ''I think he did it

And he received their protection; '' '' he has secret priorities, ''

Said John, '' it's not easy to be honest, but I have to admit

(John continued,)

That I do anything for money except stealing; ''

Sam said, '' It's pleasant to live in piracy and sad to be

A victim of it, 'cause it means the loss of any feeling.''

''I am human as long as no human loss is known in me, ''

(Concluded John.)

(The next day, Geraldine and Frederick tried to convince Fargo to tell the authorities that he had been a pirate, but Fargo said that he had played only a game to take back the treasure, which had been stolen by the pirates.)

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