Frederick and Geraldine

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Chapter 15- Epilogue

Frederick took command of his new ship and crew.

Now, he's very rich; He lives in Rome together with

His mother, with Geraldine and with their children, a few-

Freddy Jr, Rosa, Marco, Arturo, and Lucca-the fifth.

Chiara Gregorio and Francesca have almost a happy

Family; since then, Francesca has never kissed anyone

And she has lost her whole inherited wealth; she is unhappy.

Chiara, in turn, enriched very quickly; she loves someone

Else, now; she's the fiancee of a noble, old man from Milan.

She became a famous business leader; Ivan and Erica

Established in Portugal and started to sell goods from Japan-

A small business; From time to time, they visit America.

Erica gave birth to two children, but one of them has died

From smallpox; Miguel lives in the same city in which Carla

Pedro Cruz and Pedra live; he didn't have another bride.

He visits them often; he still dreams to be a rich farmer.

He has no experience in this domain, but it doesn't matter.

He's convinced that he will be able to accomplish his dream,

Someday; He doesn't have Freddy's courage to choose the water.

He still mentions Bella as a widower- this love is supreme.

Maya lives in the house, given by Fargo, together

With Surak and Naimah; Fargo lives in Rome; Frederick's crew

Has divided and some started to work for Fargo, but never

Freddy and Fargo have separated; together, they still need foam

Sand and oceans to be safe; Geraldine's mother could not cope

With life in Rome, but she comes to visit them annually

From November to April because she cannot sit and mope.

She helps them while saying that the troubles always come naturally.

In April, she must return home because she has a lot of lands.

She has employees, but she likes to control everything

Because, without her, the serfs make the lands like shining sands.

In July, her grandchildren come to visit her, but she misses something-

The presence of Lucca, who remains with Geraldine because

He's still too young to travel; they visit the governor,

Who organizes unforgettable parties to honor their presence.

Fargo refuses the invitations in a delicate manner.

He's the only one who doesn't come because he's busy all the time.

He has found an uncle near Calabria and often goes

To visit him; nobody has ever heard anything, in this rhyme,

About Quintus; I've heard he's in New Spain, but nobody really knows.

(...said the narrator.)

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