Frederick and Geraldine

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Chapter 2- Maya

That ship used to carry passengers and some cargo.

'Twas cozy and elegant for the ladies' travel.

The outdoor spaces and the suites were cleaned by Fargo.

Its furniture and artworks were dreams to unravel.

They had tobacco, Indian spices, and old wine,

Making sure that the passengers wouldn't miss anything.

Searching for food and water, when the stars started to shine,

Freddy hired Maya because she knew to do everything.

Maya was an old woman having black eyes and white hair,

And she had a deep, long scar above her upper lip.

The crew got ready to leave the port, feeling despair

In waiting for the last passengers to board the ship.

''She will prepare the meals as a woman of the sea.

She will help you give birth to the child when the time will come.

Why do I sometimes feel like someone is watching me?

He always appears in my way; those moments I'm numb.

He's a tall and a lean man dodging out of my way.

He has three daggers and a gold ring with a boom skull.''

''Slim said something about a sea wolf, '' ''What did you say? ''

''Ask Sam to follow him, and to put him in a lull.''

''It's dangerous to follow him, '' ''Now, where is his ship? ''

''Near wild shores or isolated places, well hidden.

Due to my accident, I left the army swords that rip.''

''I left my home for you, ' cause this love was forbidden.''

(She started to cry while thinking that her father died because she left the home without his approval to marry Frederick. While crying, she fell asleep. Frederick fell asleep, too, while being worried about their future.)

The ship had left the port two hours before Geraldine

Said, ‘’I feel that I'll never turn back here again! ’’

She passed through the waiting line formed to use the latrine.

Suddenly, she heard a thunder in that rush of rain.

They had insufficient fuel, but enough food to last

Until their arrival in Çanakkale; the kitchen

Was quite large and Maya started to cook very fast.

''Maya, what smells so good? '' She said, '' the last fried chicken.''

Ibrahim was seventeen years old, and he helped them

Prepare the breakfast for the passengers; he entered

To bring a basket of coal and jet. ‘’It looks like gem.''

He took a coal into his hand to see if it was splintered.

''It is increasingly difficult to sleep at night, ''

Geraldine said, ''the steaming of this ship is so slow.''

The waves were small, and a galleon came into their sight.

It had the color of those waters being shoal.

'Twas a commercial one sailing in the same direction.

A gust of wind ruffled her hair and snatched her blue bow.

The splashing waves with the rain drops were in the connection.

That ship was sailing fast, but none of their sailors knew how.

Maya took the kettle of water coming to a boil;

Prepared some bread with butter and some cheese for the people-

Twenty passengers and fifteen sailors freed from toil.

The bells that rang were like those being in a steeple.

There was a bang as the ship might have been hit by a reef.

Sam had looked up and had said that the square sail

Deteriorated slightly in the wind; then, the chief

Asked Sam to repair it.''There are two techniques that never fail.''

''Do you see that ship in the distance, on the horizon? ''

''It must be a Spanish galleon bringing cocaine

Laced with some wine, '' said Brisbon whose face was wrinkled and wizen.

''They sail across the Pacific Ocean from New Spain.''

''They're longer, lower and narrower, with a square tuck stern,

And have scouts projecting forward from the bows below

The forecastle level.'' They forced their eyes to discern

The sun rising and making the water have a golden glow.

'' These galleons are fast and very maneuverable.

They enable the seamen to sail closer to the wind, ''

Said Fargo.''Old ship's problems are innumerable.''

Freddy said, '' a thought of buying a new ship is in my mind.''

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