Frederick and Geraldine

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Chapter 9 – The Messenger

(The captain of the pirates and one of them were in the cabin of that stranger having dogs while talking about him.)

''In Athens, he hired us to help him take the gold, '' said the captain.

''How could he take it as long as the messenger was alive? ''

The captain laughed, '' Maybe he has waited for an accident to happen.

He caught the ship; before the sunset wanted there to arrive.''

''He had nice dogs! '' '' Yes, the dogs would help him find the messenger

To kill him and to take the documents; he understood this

While he was hiding to hear those men talking, '' ''He was an avenger.''

''He didn't know the messenger, but he knew the gold's bliss.''

''He heard that a ship carrying five hundred and twenty bars

Having one kilo of gold each one would have to anchor

Near the Prinylas' shore, '' said the captain while lightning two cigars.

The other one started to smoke, '' I've satisfied my hanker.''

''The messenger should wait for that ship to take the gold after

Presenting the documents; then, he should go to help a nun.''

''Those men should meet again to make arrangements thereafter.

One of them is on this ship; he goes silent until all is done.''

The stranger heard only a part of the dialog between

Ivan and the messenger's servant, who had been sent to Athens

To meet him; then, this stranger hired the pirates- around sixteen.

'' Follow me; I must embark on that ship to watch what happens, ''

(...He had told the pirates after killing the servant of the messenger; then, he intended to kill Ivan.)

He didn't know that Ivan should give the map to the messenger

To see the description of the road to the monastery,

The sketch and some details; Ivan didn't sense the danger.

The servant had to go to meet someone else; ''Let's be merry, ''

(...Said Ivan. They should meet again after three hours to go together to the messenger. The stranger did not know this secret.)

The meeting never took place 'cause the connection man had been killed.

Fortunately, he had told Ivan where this village was placed.

Ivan had caused that square sail's damage but his heart hadn't been stilled.

Freddy needed time in Athens when with this problem he was faced.

This way, Ivan forced Freddy to stay longer than he intended

To be in Athens; Ivan needed time to bring the map

To the destination; because the servant's life had ended

And the repair had been made quickly, Ivan fell into the trap.

(Ivan didn't have time to understand why the servant had died. He was prompted to divert the ship to the known place of Corfu, in order to land ashore. Then, Ivan would search for the messenger.)

The stranger was the one who paid attention to all those

Movements on that ship in order to grab the gold while thinking

That the pirate ship was behind him; he couldn't suppose

That the pirates had run ashore while using fast horses settling

In Prinylas before the Frederick's arrival; they

Killed the messenger and captured the vessel containing

The gold bars; they also killed all those sailors; on that day,

They attacked the carrack to find out who had lost that meeting.

The pirates wanted to kill that man, whereof the stranger

Had told them, and to remove the traces leading to the gold.

For this reason, they were willing to put them all in danger,

But the fire caused by Ivan their eyes started to behold.

(Ivan wanted to give Erica a chance to take the map and go ashore to search the messenger. The captain of the pirates took all the documents, the treasure and the seal belonging to the stranger and jumped overboard into a boat, apparently and inexplicably abandoning his companions. After an hour, the army began to fight with the pirates' crew.)

Ivan thought that the stranger followed him; why should he?

If the stranger had been a Russian one, it would have been

Perfectly obvious for him where the meeting had to be

Placed, but maybe this stranger had accidentally heard them when

They had talked; in this case, the stranger didn't know their secret,

But the surveillance was the only way to find out.

This was why this stranger embarked on their ship; apart,

The real surveillants were chameleons, beyond this doubt.

One of those pirates searching for secrets had a red birthmark

On his face; to follow Fargo, they were walking for some hours.

They started a talk while one of their dogs began to bark

''To identify a tail, look at the footprints, those flowers

Can make the dogs lose the scent trail; '' '' each flower might have

A different scent, telling the dog it has been visited

By some insects; here, their path is divided into two halves.''

''Someone left them, and another one is dead or invalid.''

'' That person returned; look, he moved frequently between crowded

And empty places: this makes him conspicuous, '' '' It's a man.''

''Someone else followed them, '' ''I don’t see well, the sun is clouded, ''

'' I don't trust this lady, Chiara, '' ' I understood her plan.''

''She paid our chief, Quintus, to kill Lucca, '' ''He was lucky

To be hired by two persons to do his job on the same ship.''

''Quintus made his intentions very clear; he is plucky

Man; '' one of them touched a footprint with his finger tip.

'' Quintus's intention was to loot and to arrive before

Frederick besides Syracuse to wait and hit the carrack.''

''Quintus will kill Marco after trying to find out whether

He's their man or not, '' ''They have fallen under our attack.''

'' Chiara paid Quintus to kill Francesca, '' '' Look at the village! ''

''This must be the messenger's house; it is midnight; let's enter

To find the documents like in the midst of a pillage, ''

'' All are like babies in a deep sleep, '' ''I long for adventure! ''

(They found the documents, but they didn't take them because they needed to hunt the connection-person. They exited the house.)

'' Let's tell Quintus that these gold bars came from London to go

To a Russian rich lady living as a nun, '' ''One

Woman used Fargo to be here, but she didn't let him know.''

''Now, he cannot return back to us; his future is done.''

''When one of us leaves our crew, he becomes a stupid man

In the arms of any woman, '' ''Which one do you think is

Involved in the gold's story? '' ''I don't know, but I know the plan.''

''They are four; we'll find soon, '' ''Round in my head, these events whizz.''

(The pirates killed the messenger on the beach, but they did not know where he had lived.

The messenger knew the person who had to give him the gold, and therefore, had no documents on him.

The person bringing the gold traveled while providing maximum security, but secretly he was afraid of the pirates.)

Meanwhile, Quintus did not know where the gold had come from

Nor where the messenger was living, and therefore, he killed

Marco; then, after the returning of his people, he sent them

To tell all the pirates that the onslaught should be stopped.

Erica knew about the village and influenced

Fargo to go in that direction; Ivan had told her

The name of the village and where the messenger's house was placed,

But she didn't know the information that man could confer.

Chiara wanted Lucca to die because he was the sole

Heir of an immense fortune after the death of his parents.

She also wanted Francesca's death, but she lost control

Thinking that she lost the asset in the light of those events.

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