To Those I’ll Never Know

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It’s somehow easier, I think to myself, To share something I wrote, If I do not know the reader. I hand this to my mom, I worry what she’ll think. I hand this to my sister, I worry she’ll be bored. I hand this to my grandfather, Will he like it? It’s about him, after all. I hand this to my Uncle, Very good, he’ll say, Even if it’s bad. I can’t give this to them, I think to myself. But to who? I wonder.... I’ll give these poems to you, One without a face to read. A stranger, never to meet. I’ll give this to you, One who’s disappointment wont effect me. I give this to you, As I so desperately want to share, But not to those I know, For fear of letting down.

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They Took Us By Surprise

They took us by surprise, they said.
But we had many warnings.
They took us by surprise, they plea,
But we knew, we knew, we always knew.
They took us by surprise, they beg,
As if we stood no chance.
We knew that they were coming, I say,
Begging for them to understand.
They took us by surprise, they say,
That cursed phrase, yet again.
No, I say,
Trying to explain.
They took our people by surprise,
If you had only warned them-
They cut me off, their words a wailing cry,
They took us by surprise, is all, they took us by surprise.
No! I scream.
You were blind to their advances!
You were deaf to all their warnings!
And now here you sit,
Refusing to acknowledge the wrong you have done!
It was you, who took us by surprise!
You, who thought yourself safe behind your locked doors,
Ignoring what you should have stopped!
It was you!
It wasn’t they who burned our city to the ground!
It wasn’t they who left them to die!
It wasn’t they who chose to close their eyes and ears!
It was YOU!
Not THEM, but YOU!
And again they cry, as if it were a prayer,
They took us by surprise, is all,
They took us by surprise.
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