Short Verses

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I don't always write poetry, but when I do, it's not that often.

Robin Kidd
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Short Verses

1. Feeding Them

The birds are there for the lonely people
Because the lonely people are there for the birds.

2. Beloved

In the presence of your beautiful spirit
I feel the wonder and sadness of life
Looking in your eyes
I choke on my own tears and laughter
In the presence of your spirit
I recognize my mortality and my divinity

3. Buried / Alive

They wanted slaves
but they made gods instead.
Buried by falling history,
crushed into diamond
in the heart of the earth;
alive because we spring from love
and are not measured by fear.
Limitless, we create ourselves

the gods we were never supposed to be.

4. Open

Step out from beneath the eaves
into the yard;
I want to see the sky open up before me
Venus parallel to the Moon
and an arc of stars crowning this space,
so mundane and sacred.

5. Blessed

Blessed is the lord
the nameless One,
the force of life from which we sprang
and which we return to
when this journey’s done;
that which we carry within us
as a seed of all possibilities
and kindness and creativity;
we are its children

and its joy is our birthright.

6. The Shepherd

He regards them from a distance,
on a faraway hillside, which is his;
they are a slowly moving mass of grey,
as countable and indistinct as pennies
with no luster, even in the eyes.
He can’t tell one from another,
but he knows everything they do;
he knows approximately how many there are.
The shepherd stands on his hill and regards them
as they graze in the distance on a hill which is also his.
If he needs to find them he will find them,
and he keeps them safe from wolves
and this they know
and they rest in this comfort.
And the shepherd feels something like love for them;
they are dear to him
they represent so much.
So he watches them, and coddles them,
and allows their daily grazing
and from time to time he will select one from among the herd,
and take it aside,
and slit its throat,
and soon its bones will be thrown out a back door somewhere,
to be picked clean by rat and fly,
and other things that have no memory
7. My Last Dream

Through my pain and suffering,
I know one thing:
it will pass.
Even the longest night is cut by light
But we must be brave in the darkness,
so we may welcome the light when it comes.
May the love in your heart never be killed
And if your heart is fearful or sad, so be it:
it will pass.
My sadness is passing slowly,
in waking smiles
and tender dreams.
I know it will pass completely one day,
when I dream my last dream
and see them in the garden with their lanterns.
I will open the door

and welcome the light when it comes.

8. March 5, 2020: Real Life

I know one thing. Joy exists. Out there in the world, and right here inside. Maybe you don’t see it, but it’s there, waiting to be found, cheering you on, saying: Over here! Look my way! Joy wants to get with you. It wants to be your lover, your best friend, your wife, husband, son, daughter, mother, father, cat, dog, goldfish, bacon and eggs, glass of wine, hot bath, cup of coffee, trip to Italy, your favorite books and hobbies, your job and your dreams. Joy wants to be every friend, every stranger, every beautiful sight, smell, taste, sound, touch, every thought, wish and prayer. Joy is on your side. It is with you. It is in you. It is you. Celebrate.

9. Shine for Us

i shine for you, selfish
i pray for you, godless
i pray to me, selfless
it shines for us, endless

a perfect trust, this love
emotionless, eternal
the mother’s mind, oceans
the father’s heart, red fire

and now the field is burning
subliming to the ether
we fly above destruction
we come and go like always

i shine for you, selfish
i pray for you, godless
i pray to me, selfless
it shines for us

10. Of the Spheres

heart is bleeding, smiling
mind is gentle,
will is coming,
body still, and dancing
soul is a lake with a surface like glass

11. Prayer

All is holy,
or nothing is.
Destined for nowhere,
now here is bliss.
May I walk boldly,
and thus be all of this

12. Your Sweater

Your sweater hangs in my closet,
distinct among the brown shirts and leather coats
Red black white patterns, silver buckles,
bright, cozy and small
Something a child might wear at Christmas time
It used to smell of Sundays, warm apples, rain
and memories of childhood on the prairie
Now it smells of old smoke,
late nights and silence,
quiet lessons,
and life going on
It is a treasure
And it will always be yours

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