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collection of poems by a 17 year old girl. please share and leave feedback🦋🍃

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Mead; A Single Sip


an alcoholic drink made from honey,

that was you.

so sweet, so intense, so heedless,

you’re noisome,

yet still,

i took a single sip,

figured you weren’t for me

as my eyes scanned the crevices

of your smug demeanour

until within hours,

you proved to be toothsome,

gave me a sweet taste of victory,

made me feel so good;

you knew all the right words to say—

and for once,

i let my doubt and suspicions go,

on that crisp hunters moon.

from that time forward;

we chimed and grew quickly together,

effortlessly transforming words into magic

and that same magic,

into our own

wildered kingdom

you locked me all up in your charm,

you handed me your trust,

though under a haunted mansions light,

i think on that fateful night,

you kissed the passion out of me.

soon after,

i went sideways, grew harsh

as quickly as the seasons changed

with that childish dance in the rain,

you lost a sense of belonging.

and together,

amongst our efforts,

it made sense that the

luxury of us,

eventually drove to a dead end

before we really had the chance

to start..

because when someone dances on your

heartstrings the way you did mine,

there was nothing we could’ve done

to make our connection thrive

anymore than it did.

that is why we both joined in,

on setting each-other

on fire,

during our last,


mesmerizing hours.



hey readers!! this is my first poem in a month, thanks so much for reading. i’m honestly proud of it & will be saving a page for it in my future book🥰so lemme know what you honestly think 🥺👉🏼👈🏼

i know i gotta work on my punctuation lol, someday i’ll get it right! 💗

stay safe!!

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