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the courage to be vulnerable ➶ poetry

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Hey everyone!! Its been nearly a year since I have posted, but atlas, I am here, with more emotions and memories to spill. ❣️

The poem 'Glory' was written about someone who guided me to help reveal my strengths for many months, but at the same time, also uncovered a lot of my weaknesses. Glory reveals the power of letting a relationship go, while simultaneously cherishing what you had.


The pit in your stomach

Can know more than the conscious mind.

What doesn't resonate,

May uncover truths with time.

I know what isn't always comfortable

Can encourage the most growth

Which is why I feel in my heart

That I must go.

This doesn't mean

I won't cherish our past.

All the heartaches,

And the plenty of laughs.

While I write this,

I lie in bed having cried.

I didn't realize it would be me,

To decide on that goodbye.

I care about you a ton,

But I must care for myself too.

I tried to make it work, I've thought this all through.

For once in a blue moon,

It wasn't an impulse decision

But one made directly from the heart...

Cut open like an incesion

Sometimes you know more than you'd ever like to believe

Our most vulnerable moments can bring out the biggest links...

To what is yet to come,

For the ending that confronts you so soon.

Sooner than I'd ever like to admit.

It is difficult when you are someone

in which I aspired to be

I thought many times "it could never be me."

There are pieces of you I won't ever forget

But some that I know,

That are bound to be left.

I comfort my inner child because deep down I know,

That the soft little girl in me must break free to grow.

Find a stable ground to stand on,

Even if it means to put myself first.

I feel a sense of relief,

Having delved into that worth.

There are no hard feelings here,

Everything must come to an end

Happy endings may not look like such

When it feels like a dead end...

But thats the funny thing

About what we call relief,

You must feel all of that pain

Before its something that you meet.

It is time to let go of your hand

And cherish you from afar.

I want you to know,

I see things for what they are.

I won't discard what we had,

It has earned a place in my heart.

I don't want to lose track of

Your role in my story...

So I'll remember it with love,

In all of its Glory."

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