Poetry From the Heart (Book Two)

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More poetry about my life. Not as sad as the last book. About nature and growing up. *This book, along with my other poetry books, are going to just be excerpts from now on. I am in the process of combining all my poems into one book, called "In My Darkest Hours." This new poetry book will be fully edited, show my journey through mental heath and will have some new poems(mainly new poems.). If you liked this book, you will love the new one coming out.*

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The only time I feel this free is when I am here. At a farm in the middle of nowhere. Being outside.

The only company I have, is the wild cats. They sit around me, sometimes on my lap. I am one of the few people they allow to touch them.

There is Gray, Sol, Tiger, Lilly and the kittens, Wolf, Jane, and Snow.

They bring me freedom I can never feel in the city. Born country, raised city. No one understands the connection I have with these animals. They understand me like no other.

Around they sit. Around me. Watching as I draw or write. They are always there no matter what. Even if it’s raining. They are my source of freedom. Freedom that I can call my own.

No one will ever understand why they like me and no one else. Or why they come to me when I go outside. This has been happening for years and still they never forget.

This is my freedom and will always be.

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