Poetry From the Heart (Book Two)

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The only time I feel this free is when I am here. At a farm in the middle of nowhere. Being outside.

The only company I have, is the wild cats. They sit around me, sometimes on my lap. I am one of the few people they allow to touch them.

There is Gray, Sol, Tiger, Lilly and the kittens, Wolf, Jane, and Snow.

They bring me freedom I can never feel in the city. Born country, raised city. No one understands the connection I have with these animals. They understand me like no other.

Around they sit. Around me. Watching as I draw or write. They are always there no matter what. Even if it’s raining. They are my source of freedom. Freedom that I can call my own.

No one will ever understand why they like me and no one else. Or why they come to me when I go outside. This has been happening for years and still they never forget.

This is my freedom and will always be.

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