Poetry From the Heart (Book Two)

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Alone Doesn't Equal Loneliness

I don't understand where people get the idea that I am lonely when I am all alone. Sometimes I am alone because I want to be.

To be somewhere without everyone's judgmental stares. To just calm myself. Alone is when I write. Alone is when I feel free. Alone is when I can be myself without worrying what others think.

I love to have free time, by myself at times. It keeps my head in the right place. It lets me be able to look over my flaws and say that they don't matter because they make me who I am. And there is no shame and loving your flaws when others see things that "need to be erased."

That's why you can see me sitting in a field alone. I am not lonely, I am just taking time to take care of myself and not others.

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