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Pain of betrayal

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Pain of betrayal

If I knew you would hurt me

I wouldn't have let you in

You didn't let my heart be

You made me feel like some sort of bin

You left me feeling cursed and betrayed

Your name has always been in my heart, it's been engraved

But still, you proved that you're the same like others

You left me just like the rest for another

Without any feeling of bother.

How I wished I never fell in love,or knew anything about it

But I guess I've fallen too deep to try and get out of this pit

You didn't give my heart the time to slumber

You hurt it times without number

You got me thinking that you were cooler than a cucumber

Meanwhile you're nothing but a deceiver

You were full of dirty tricks

Your greatest weapon were those eyes

How could I not tell that you were full of lies

At the end of this game you win

But what you did to me was a sin

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