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Road Down The Aisle

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Road Down The Aisle (My longest poem as of now)

(December 15, 2019)

I admit that I’m not the sweetest girl

Every time I see someone new, I flirt

They last for months but they’re replaceable

None of them can fix the broken puzzle

I have “friends” and ex-flings around the globe

And if there’s someone serious, I say, “Nope!”

Ask them, I am known for fooling around

Nothing can tie me up to settle down

I’m not a “dalagang Filipina”

I used to write sins in every stanza

I am the girl before “a guy” meets “her”

But to be honest, that’s what I preferred

To me love is filled with nothing but crap

And a marriage is nothing but a trap

I used flirting to cover up something

There’s a wound and the band aid were my flings

But then everything changed when you returned

You’re the embodiment of things I yearn

I thought I can leave you that easy

I didn’t even know you’re healing me

At first, we gave time to know each other

I can remember all things you’ve uttered

My memory occasionally fails

Now I can recall the smallest details

In one class back in college, you were there

We never talked cause there’s nothing we share

You were just an innocent “happy crush”

But even from afar, I felt the rush

Time skip. You returned to me through IG

But you were far away across the sea

Although distance didn’t matter to us

’Cause we were just friends, highlight the word “just”

And then, as I found out things about you

Little by little, you’re clearing the view

Shortly, others paled in comparison

I just woke up one day, others were gone

No more options, reserves, plans… It’s just you

And I admit, there’s nothing I can do

I started to refuse what I’m feeling

But no one can stop this from happening

Still I denied to say all this out loud

But when you chat, my heart makes a weird sound

So I keep recalling your ugly flaws

But there’s none anymore ’cause I’m in awe

Then I keep seeing us in all love songs

Daydreaming of you even if it’s wrong

I’m writing about you, and you alone

While wishing you’re here, not just on the phone

I’ve known you for years and I liked you then

I’m knowing more now, but not just as friends

Your stories, cooking skills, tattoos, piercings

Blunt mouth, accent… All of you just lingers

A few months later, the fateful day came

And I knew I will never be the same

It’s the first time I got really nervous

I was really awkward, I lost focus

But you were extremely nice and patient

You never left any moments vacant

You made me feel what I see in movies

Then I came home with tears and a new me

After that, I spent days of being scared

Thinking you’ll leave me hanging in the air

But then you really surprised me again

Because you proved to me you’re not like them

Across the sea again, away from me

Friends made me grasp what I refuse to see

My heart realized this ocean-wide void

That you were my first love, not just a toy

I just wished we took photos when we met

But even without it, I can’t forget

It’s now forever engraved in my mind

And what I feel for you will never die

I wished every night for you to come back

And wished again for us to stay like that

So I tried diverting my attention

But none compared to the ground you walked on

You’re so talented yet filled with self-doubts

But you conquered it, you made me so proud

Later, we weren’t unemployed anymore

Seeing there’s a future worth working for

Weeks later, my wish came true, you went back

Things developed, we became “more than that”

It took a while to convince you to stay

From then on, we’re together, night or day

You know, I felt so blessed because you’re you

’Cause you never let me look like a fool

Hard to believe you’re once scared to commit

Between us, you’re the one who never quit

We realized there’s more to life than lust

And it took time to build up a strong trust

In the past, we both had heavy burdens

That we never want to happen again

So we talked about what we want and need

And we disclosed that in full honesty

Because we really want this to work out

We don’t want to create something with doubt

You said you were the boy before the one

They find new guys after your one-night-stands

None really stayed with you for a long time

You never had that someone to call “mine”

But you were constantly surprised with me

I remained even when you tried to flee

Even after the day we met, I stayed

You took a chance with the love I displayed

I was caught off guard when you asked me out

Because you didn’t want them to find out

You said you wanted to dine out with me

You just want us there for the world to see

So you took me to different places

You didn’t know how romantic that is

Sometimes we will just drive around all night

We’ve both discovered beautiful sights

We introduced each other to our friends

They weren’t shocked ’cause they knew it’ll happen

We took each other to our families

They were surprised ’cause they didn’t know it

We never said out loud officially

Just mutely committed and both agreed

Cheers to our unconventional affair!

Finally, a couple with love to share

We have encountered many happenings

All those positive and negative things

I act tough hiding my uncertainties

But I cry whenever you embrace me

Every time there’s a problem, you were there

And if I push you away, you still cared

You’re wiping every tears with small kisses

You kiss my forehead and help me fix it

Sometimes you were the one who faced problems

And you want to be the one who solves them

But then, I will just hug you from the back

Saying, “Try again, not all doors are shut”

There comes a time that you thought I’m asleep

It broke me to see you silently weep

So I delicately held you closer

We were like that for hours until you’re better

In the morning like you usually do

At times I’m awake so I can see you

Staring lovingly, watching me “sleep”

When you do that I fall deeper than deep

In breakfast, you take over the kitchen

Because if I cook, we know we’ll be dead

And while you do your thing, I’ll make the drinks

I’ll give you coffee with a flirty wink

For years, with our dogs, we lived together

Our friends and families love each other

And then with our talents, we joined forces

Our healthy partnership is a success

Our fruitful careers are both in the arts

Literature and fashion has my heart

While photography and visuals are yours

The older we get, the higher we soar

We own ourselves, we work for nobody

We create something for the world to see

At first, we focus on our own choices

And you can hear in our craft our voices

But one day, my work got your attention

For hours, we had our brainstorming session

While spending time cuddling on our sofa

Until we came up of an idea

We grinded hard for our own art studio

And in every art we make, our love grows

Soon after, the whole country knew our names

As long as it’s with you, I enjoy fame

However, our fame had an evil twin

Everywhere I look fan girls can be seen

Yes, I had my own set of admirers

I have your love, but I’m still insecure

Although the feeling didn’t really last

“I’m yours, and yours alone, none can trespass”

Is what you keep telling me every night

So every morning my love shines as bright

And of course, you had your little doubts too

“You’re the one that I love, and only you,

You’re my first, and my last, and my always”

Every time that line alone makes your day

For selfish reasons, some really tried hard

Outsiders wanted us to fall apart

They want to ruin the love we’re sharing

But no one can stand between this pairing

’Cause we constantly remind each other

That our souls are meant to be together

We really valued communication

We did it all to protect this union

You’ve read my poem about a proposal

You knew we’re ready for a betrothal

You suddenly asked my friends a question

To where is the mountain you will kneel on

With your loving heart, you’ve granted my dream

And I ugly-cried when I saw the ring

But the engagement didn’t last that long

Because we were married at the crack of dawn

After everything you have done that day

It’s your turn to cry after what I’ll say

Years back, you told me you wanted a son

And now, be ready, ’cause you will have one

I can’t forget the wide grin on your face

And the warm feeling of your embrace

I mirrored your happiness with my smile

Then we recalled our long road down the aisle.

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