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Poems for the Soul

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Heroes; Something Else

Poems for the Soul Chapter 2

Welcome to the first official chapter of Poems for the Soul. I’m AfanofManyStuffs, and am here to guide you on this particular journey through my mind. Today’s poem was originally written for a school project, and later for a major plot idea which will appear in Illuvianists (For those of you reading elsewhere, that’s my Harry Potter fan fiction story). Thank you for reading, and if you so like, tell me so. I will manage to use it to make more; trust me.

I apologize for getting this chapter out late; getting a new computer will do that. I also apologize to those of you reading on ff.n and Inkitt- the formatting sucks.

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Heroes; Something Else

There was once a broken boy,

Who met a broken girl;

They went to a place,

And hid who they were

They said their names;

Magic was about.

She showed him a way;

He followed her.

At school they met friends,

Made enemies; acquaintances

It was too dangerous to mend;

That is, what they left.

Then came a fiend

Who wanted immortality

He was a but a dream;

Beaten by potions.

The adventure prolonged

Until it could not

So now they’re “So long!”

As they fade back into black.

And when they’re needed;

When they are called;

They come like creatures;

Showing what they really are.

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