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This is just some of my poetry works. I wanna improve so i would love your criticism and comments. Thanks :)

Poetry / Romance
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I remember that night.

Your dress, hairstyle, perfume, everything reminiscing the memories

Of our once lost love

Now back in form.

Your dress sang our memories,

Your eyes the love.

My legs almost involuntary, took me near your shoedust, where you stood.

My mouth, the same condition, couldn't utter a word.

The only thing in my control was my brain

Which was roaming out past like a lost dog,

Reliving the beautiful movements.


I couldn't resist but wonder where you have been.

In life's cruel abyss were we lost for eternity

Stuck on the side with only memories to grieve.

We couldn't help each other, we hugged.

That moment, the warmest I'd ever felt.

My tears, dripping down my cheeks, as hot as the Sun

Fell on your face and froze, for you were the moon.

With butterflies in my stomach,

Endless thoughts in my head,

I stood there, mesmerized by your eyes.

I couldn't help but notice how much you've changed

Since the last time we met.

With my head full of doubts and heart full of love,

We hugged again, this time warmer than the last.

That night, the nightingales' song echoed through the woods,

With the grasshoppers jumping in excitement.

The sky was a bright dark

And the Sun met its beautiful Moon.

And so did I.

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