The volume of nature

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Poetry on astronomy and nature

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Let’s say that the kids have been a horror about Christmas and it stress you out. You could yell, scream and argue with them. But common sense kicks in. You fetch your winter coat and put on boots and hang out an the backyard for a little bit. It’s night. When you get to the back yardage it’s a clear crisp December night and something in the south catches your eye. You turn around to the southern horizon. Be prepared there’s a lot to take in. And it’s all under the ecliptic. You see Gemini with their two stars Pollux and castor then you see auriga with it’s star the capella. Soon you see the Pleiades to the south west and to the south east you see Sirius in Canis Major. The different stars and star clusters pointing in all different directions making an x. You just keep looking. Breath. And walk closers. Can you feel the luminous sphere closer to you. Then go back into the house refreshed. How Dow you feel?

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