This is the Real Me

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Someone once told me everything would be okay.

That person promised me.

That person broke that promise.

A different person told me the same thing yesterday.

She promised me.

I told her the same thing.

I promised.

My first person might've broke that promise,

But I won't break it for my new person.

My real person.

This stereotype going on...

Everyone has to like the opposite gender...

I don't break many stereotypes.

I'm a girl.

I do chores.

I can't play sports.

I'm always titled as pretty instead of smart.

I'm clumsy.

I always break something.

This time,

It was a stereotype.

I like a girl.

Some say I like her because a boy hurt me.

Some say I like her because I know she likes me.

I say I like her because she's protective.

She stands up for what she believes in.

She won't back down from a challenge.

When someone tries to hurt someone close to her,

She'll defend them.

She defends me.

I'll defend her.


A boy hurt me.


I'm afraid of getting hurt again.

But no...

I don't think that's why I like her.

I don't think I'll ever completely heal.

But, she speeds up the process.

And when I see her in the morning,

I feel a rush of emotions.




And most of all...


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