This is the Real Me

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I'm A Jerk


I'm a jerk.

My girlfriend wants me to write about her.

So that's what I'm doing.

I write about her a lot,

But she doesn't know how much I think about her.

She doesn't know a lot.

The other day,

She scared me at Walmart.

There's this disease called the Coronavirus.

It has us all on quarantine.

I hadn't seen her in over a month.

She doesn't realize that I cried when she left.

She's right there,

But just out of reach.

If you've ever had a cat,

You know that they try to catch a red light.

If you put it out of reach,

They try to get it.

If you turn it off altogether,

They stop.

That's how I feel.


I'm laying in her bed.

At a sleepover.

I finally caught her.

I don't care that we're the same gender,

Or that our school will hate me if they find out my secret.

I love her.

I know that now.

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