This is the Real Me

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Seen. Not Heard.

Growing up,

My dad and I were really close.

We still are.

But in the past month,

I was on vacation.

Away from him.

This thought kept popping into my head.

This... memory.

Something he said.

He said:

"Children are meant to be seen. Not heard."

I didn't realize until I had to be independent that what he joked about could hurt so much.

I'm always afraid.

Looking down at my shoes.

Wearing plain black clothes.

Doing anything to fit in.

To hide.

It's worked so far.

I'm never heard.

But about a year ago,

Something changed.

I got feelings for a girl.

Now I've decided.

I want to be heard.

I want people to know I am who I am.

But before Dad knew who I was,

He called the gay "Fruit Loops."

Is that what I am?

Now I'm scared to be heard because of what people have said around me.


I need help.

Will you help me?

I have always been seen.

But never heard.


Help me change the fact that I am seen and not heard.

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