This is the Real Me

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We got a class pet last week.

His name is Michaelangelo.

I was daydreaming during class, staring at the turtle.

Then I realized something.

We're very alike.

He's in a glass house, and so am I.

Or am I?

It seems I'll break when someone says one harmful word, but I've heard them my entire life and I'm still in one piece.

He's trying to escape, and so am I.

Or am I?

I guess I'm okay with where I am.

I've dealt with it for who knows how long.

Don't worry.

I'm fine.

He has a heavy weight to carry on his shoulders, and so do I.

Or do I?

Am I the one carrying the burden?

Or is my family?

I feel like I'm the burden.

He has people staring at him all day, and so do I.

Or do I?

Are people really staring at me all day?

Or is it just my social anxiety telling me that?

Maybe we're not that similar.

That's just what I think.

People see me as happy.

But am I?

I wouldn't know unless I'm with a friend.

For me to know I'm happy, I have to be with someone I love, doing what we love.

It's not that I'm always sad.

I'm not.

Most of the time, I'm just...


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