This is the Real Me

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Suicide Warning

I got a notification today.

I thought it was a text.


Just a notification from an app.

When I do get a text, it's asking where I am.

It's asking me to remind them to stay.

A few nights ago, my S.O texted me.

"I want to die," they said.

I replied with "Oh really? Then go throw yourself in the river and try to drown. You'll fight. You don't want to die. You're just trying to kill something inside of you."

They didn't answer.

I got scared.

The next day, I searched for them at school.

They found me first.

They hugged me from behind.

Cried into my shoulder.

Thanked me.

And I woke up.

"Why?" I asked the universe.

Why can't it be that easy?

We still have anxiety.

We're still depressed as crab.

But we're still fighting it.

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