This is the Real Me

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The Truth

"This is a trick.

This is a trap.

I can't go on.

Hide in the bathroom 'till they're gone.

No way someone would actually want me,"

Sings Sophie Pecora.

"I'm mistreated.



I miss knowing it's all good,"

States P!nk.

"Maybe making me bleed would be the answer that could wash the slate clean,"

Britt Nicole concludes.

All these words.

Sometimes, we write what we feel.

That's what I'm doing.

So many people.

We act strong.

It might be true.


Britt also tells me:

"Cuz God is watching over you.

He hears you."

And, according to Sopie:

"Misfits have some powers that are really pretty rad."

P!nk explains:

"You are perfect to me."

And that's the truth.


Hey! Quick note:

The first quote is Sophie Pecora's song, "Seventh Grade." It's a song about bullying.

The one by P!nk is "F**king Perfect" and, to me, it basically means that no matter how hard life is, you're perfect. No matter what others think. If they aren't weird, that's weird.

The one by Britt Nicole is "When She Cries." It's about a girl who us being abused. She starts to have suicidal thoughts, but at the end reaches out to God and gets through it.

The second to last one is also by Sophie. It's called "Misfits." It tells how each person is special in their own way.

Just wanted to inform you. Now if you want to listen to the songs, you know the titles. You're welcome.

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