This is the Real Me

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The Monster Under Your Bed

You make my heart skip a beat,

but you don't understand that you pulled the rug from under my feet.

Now I'm sobbing on the floor trying my best to crawl to the door.

But there you are to give me another scar until eventually my heart stops skipping and I stop breathing.

But you're still there;

Just to watch me bleed until all my blood is gone in a pool around your feet.

But instead of calling for help,

you buried me with everyone else.

I cry out your name hoping you'll hear,

but of course,

just like last year,

you cover your ears as my blood runs red.

And you told your mom I was the monster under your bed.



All credit goes to my friend Ares who was brave enough to send it to me. Hope you enjoyed! Happy reading!

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