This is the Real Me

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If my name were Rachel,

I'd be so much braver.

And my courage and faith would not dare to be wagered.

If my name was Rachel,

I might stand out more.

If my name was Rachel,

I'd not scream out in horror.

Since my name is Julia,

I hide Rachel away.

I let the bigger kids pick on me

Every day.

I'd rather be hidden than be standing out,

Or be like the others;

So obnoxious and loud.

Since my name is not Rachel,

I am not that strong girl.

Or the nice one,

Or brave one,

Because I hide her still.

Inside my head,

I like to pretend.

I have my friends,

My protectors,

But they'll leave in the end.

When I need them the most,

That's when I can see,

They are only imaginary.

I return to school.

I hope for the best.

I put on the mask

And Rachel still rests.

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