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Ways of the Waves

Always felt that longing during sex.

Longing for you.

Where were you?

To find my soul,

I thought you were to tread through.

Find the music,

my soul left behind on my,

bluest days without you.

Then I could turn to

The beauty that blossomed inside you.

strayed away,

so much to say,

so much love when our eyes set

But I turn away,

take me away into the sunset.

soft smiles,

sand between our toes,

lifting my chin, lips to lips,

Funny how you just know.

what i want,

or what I'll say.

I love you,

but i'm afraid.

Yes, I'm afraid.

But the sunset is so inviting,

Very enticing,

creation of the all mighty,

I'm in love with you.

pretty birds,

warm waters,

wars in sand castles,

we are fallin

in love.

The goosebumps are enough to wake me.

warm body against mine,

Could've fooled me.

the way you embraced me,

like I was yours and you were mine,

your lips caress my soft skin,

it's so soothing.

The waves call to us,

as we exist hand in hand.

All we need is trust,

for our love, we only understand.

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