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Coke Zero

Cans scattered on the desk

Some empty some not

Twisted straws peeking out

Of the prison of tin and plastic

That held the life-giving liquid

Bubbles that used to fill

The emptiness inside

As days passed by and food

Was replaced by dreams

Of a body as frail

As the girls on her screen

Even as she began to tremble

With excitement or starvation

She did not know

The caffeine-induced hallucinations

Kept her upright,

She thought it was right

To suffer

Like this

She deserved it

That pig

So the cans kept piling up

Filling bag after bag

Liquids draining out fast

For there was nothing left

To block their path, no

Sometimes it was all she could do

Not to implode and let out

The pressure building inside her

She realized she hadn’t thought it through

When she began believing

That there would be no consequences

That it had been a lie

Woven by circumstances

She had no clue

How to escape the trap they had set

With promises of release and freedom

From the numbers that held her mind captive

She had let herself be fooled

And now she could not stop seeking

The substance she had used

As a substitute for food

She had quickly become a slave

To this monster who held her fate

And the only escape, they said

Would not come in the form of a dashing prince

Of a daring escapade, a rustling cape

If she wanted to beat

This fear of eating, of being

She had to face her addiction

To limiting weight, to restricting portions

Because only once she stopped aiming

For that weak number zero

Would she have enough strength

To become her own hero.

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